Intersection is where
the best ideas emerge

The best innovation appears when different perspectives, opinions, disciplines, and backgrounds meet.

Management consulting should build a client’s internal capabilities and expand their possibilities, not validate preconceived ideas and approaches.

Strategy is a powerpoint document that lives (and sometimes dies) on executives’ desks.

Strategy becomes a dynamic purpose-driven process aligning all company functions.

Consultants who wish to please the client by telling what they want to hear, to ensure a deal.

Our goal is to maximize our value to you, not your value to us.

Usage of standardized frameworks & easily scalable solutions for profit maximization.

We tailor our approach to make sure it is the best one for your organization, and builds most long-term value.

Consultants bring outside-in advice, often to validate existing opinions.

Our strategy advisors build internal capabilities for improved business resilience.

Project team includes deep vertical experts, and colleague graduates.

Our experts, with cross-functional capabilities, have held leadership positions in the most innovative corporations.

Metrics are critical, often focusing on tactical and easily obtainable KPIs.

There is no shortage of data – the challenge is to understand what data matters. We’ll help you find the most important strategic KPIs.

Our services

Great strategies come from combining perspectives. Embracing the ‘and‘, rather than the ‘or’.

Being a true leader within and outside of your company. Innovating the business model and the sustainability principles.

Pursuing to deliver profitable growth and positive impact, creates a competitive advantage now and resilience in the future.

If it is one or all of these elements that you seek to improve, we’d love to support you with our tools, roadmaps and advice.