Partners for Purpose™

Our mission is to change the way entrepreneurial success is perceived and measured.

We seek to build and support multidimensional growth companies, which stand the test of time.

What is your company’s core reason for being, and how do you use it as a foundation for profitable growth & delivering positive impact in the world?

We have all awakened a world, which needs more equality, sustainability, humanity and trust. We need to create better. We need to do better.

A new wave of consumers & employees seek a purpose with which they can bond, a purpose that drives action, not just talk. They yearn for something to stand by.

Corporations are struggling to keep up, struggling to combine profit & purpose. Purpose cannot be created by a marketing campaign, it needs to be lived every day in the way companies manage themselves & their employees. It’s how they design. It’s how they manufacture. It’s how they interact with customers. It’s how they breathe & choose to grow.

To become long-term resilient, the core business philosophy must be reformulated: The pressure for quarterly results needs to be balanced with impact KPIs. Purpose and drive for positive ends must be at the heart of this rethink. A business with profitable growth & positive impact will be more resilient and stronger over time.

At ANDx, we are dedicated to finding ground-breaking approaches that build and deliver a greater purpose for your brand, while improving your financial performance.

Welcome to the intersection of purpose, value and impact.

Our Partners for Purpose™

Lasse Lindqvist profile

Lasse Lindqvist


“My guiding principle in life is to keep learning, continuously, to get excited about new ideas, and to help others develop their passion for purpose-driven leadership.

Business success through maximizing profitability and impact for the triple bottom line, great leadership, and learning, are all indispensable to each other.”

Rachel Cantu profile

Rachel Cantu


“Innovation and change begin with inspiring and empowering others to be curious, to ask why, and to discover their own potential to achieve outcomes they never thought possible.

I am passionate about finding simpler, faster, better ways of doing things and I love leading people and businesses through this discovery and transformation!”

Formerly: Patagonia , Glossier , Nike
Bobby Block profile

Bobby Block


“I’m a problem solver, strategist, writer and eternal student. My life has been dedicated to finding truth and communicating ideas capable of changing the world.

Whether it’s been as an intelligence analyst, journalist, author, screenwriter, CMO, or consultant, my aim has always been to present people with a clear narrative that leaves them moved, informed and ready to act.”

James Allan


“From a brand and brand communications background, I know firsthand that institutions and corporations can’t cheapskate change. I’ve worked with organizations [very]big and small to ensure their proclaimed positive action is substantive, meaningful and long-lasting.

After all, I’ve lived an entire career under the one, clear MO: “What good can I do this day?”

Formerly: Mission PR

Mikko Koskinen

Client advisor

“I want to build a fun business world where people are driven by purpose, companies guided by ethics, and shareholders happy with the dividends.

Both our lives and this planet are finite and overused – but by introducing meaning there are infinite human resources to be untapped.”